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  1. Out of tune

From the recording Out of tune

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Credits: written, recorded and produced by Van Vogt /
all instruments except electric guitar and bass guitar by Van Vogt /
electric guitar by Lukas Stalder / bass guitarby Heinz Morf


once we were swimming
on a Sunday afternoon
and once we were talking
sure not always in tune

now you’re in the papers
right on the top
a good horse in the stable
if that train ever stops

I´m coming down I´m coming down like a feather
I´m coming down I´m coming down to see
maybe you were badly hurt by my weather
it doesn´t matter to me

once we were burning
for all the good things here on earth
and once we were fighting against
discrimination by birth

now you’re a cut above me
drinking only the best of wine
you would sell the right of talking free
for a dime