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  1. Down under

From the recording Out of tune

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Credits: written, recorded and produced by Van Vogt /
all instruments by Van Vogt


Non skippable thoughts, non skippable nuts, in a yellow mood
second hand deer and second hand bear, a corny female nude
tameing a cat, buying a hat, grieve takes many forms
gambling with life, sharpen a knife, with a pinch of scorn

the road is long and full of potholes all arround my broken dreams
I drove up to Newberlin found some things I’ve never seen

it’s a sign infallible sign, if a stranger comes around, I hold the line
I bear my fears illogical fears, if the moon is riding high, I hold the line
I hold the line

emotional void, tired of toys, the lake is full of ice
the stories they told, are boring and cold, corroded by mice