From the recording Love is home - EP


What is right?

Verse 1:
Touched by a smile on a lovely face in the middle of a crowded train
trying hard to keep my narrow place rolling through November rain
the writing on my neighbors shirt reminds me of our honeymoon
as we’re lying in the bed on that lazy Sunday afternoon

I don’t know what is right
I don’t know what is right
baby I was used to fight
but I don't know what is right
I don’t know what is right

Verse 2:
Trapped in a bar miles away from you lonely drinking jar by jar
thinking bout the change I’m supposed to do maybe I should buy a car
moving to another town wouldn't be the worst idea
if you want me by your side honey
you should say it loud and clear

So it’s time to leave they have changed the guards
down in the valley beneath
baby I saw the eagle soar give it in keep it out
no dirty secrets no more
in between I found the reason why the world is spinning around
whether we live or we die
baby I saw the waterfall if you want me to stay
I’ll stay forever at all