From the recording Even if the sky is gray

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You lost your job cause someone had a twinge of jealousy
your partner told you that he needed time to find his inner Chi
the horse you bet on is turning out to be a tired hack
at last your father asked you to give all the borrowed money back but hey, hey hey, nobody loses everyday

You broke your back helping your neighbor’s wife to clear the snow your mother called to say that your brother has found God on a tv-show the fridge you bought gave up the ghost and now you‘ve got the mess at last your sister felt the urge to care for all your happiness
but hey, hey hey, nobody loses everyday

paper on fire, frustrated admirer
burn all the photos, give your wine to the hobos maybe a looser why did he choose her
snow isn’t falling and no one is calling
leave all this madness behind
shred all your grieve and do not burry your light