1. So

From the recording Even if the sky is gray

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So you wanna talk now
so say what you have to say my heart has just brocken when you took your love away

So you leave me right
than go turn out the light
the moon and the stars
they don't care about this farce but I grieve for you tonight
yes I grieve for you

You've said you need more space for coming true more time for knowing me for knowing you you've said we should change the kind we live but you're acting like you've nothing more to give

What about love what about pain
what about you and me walking through the falling rain what about the kids who are playing in the park
what about the lights we found out in the dark
What about the dreams we wraped around our life what about the things we used to be at strife
what about the nights I hold you in my arms
and what about my charm
what about eachother we're fitting more and more what about the faith you were asking me for