1. Talk

From the recording Even if the sky is gray

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We were born in the middle of the night we should remember that day
no doubt it was love at first sightt
since then I like the smell of hay

Now we‘re sitting here in this car too much regret in the back have we gone already too far
or is it just the result of lack

We don’t need no consultation
not a bit of an acusation
what we need is a little time for a good vacation tearing down the walls of distress
let’s find a way out of this mess mmhmmhmmhmmh

Talk baby talk
the sky is full of rain just right over Hamburg
talk baby talk mmh mmh mmmmmh
talk baby talk
We’ve all the time in the world from Berlin to Flensburg talk baby talk

Wish we could go back in time as we were riding the waves
but now we’re down in the trough we hid ourselves in caves