1. She

From the recording Even if the sky is gray

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She, she eased my pain in the pouring rain and she, she doesn't bother bout my hidden tracks she let me see the fireflies
her beauty dwarfs all the stars up in the skies she days my eyes

She, she is my band in the foreign land and she she doesn't bother bout my yesteryears
she helped me stand my hardest fight
her beauty dwarfs all the stars out in the night she is my guide

She is my home she is my life
she’s my river deep flooding all the things I’m at strife she is so strange and so unique
sometimes strong and sometimes weak
she is my creek

She is my buddy she is my muse
she came into my life sweeping out my childhood blues she let me be a better man
she loves to travel round the world without a plan
she is my man, for sure

And I save now all the things she didn’t drown before they’re making light of my lack
and I agree I’m not the man to cross the sea but I know every mole on her back, on her back