From the recording The Evening is a robber

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Young robins are warming up,
the snow is melting on the top
April is on the rise
black coats have been stowed away
flirting, laughing, wasting the day
needles to say that nobody hurts, that nobody hurts

The smell of hay is in the air
the wind is playing with your hair
I can’t get enough of your face
so much beauty I could cry
all things will pass and I will die
but till that day I leave my trace I will leave my trace

I say it loud and say it clear, beyond compare is life round here
hope we’ll find our way back home, let‘s build this house stone by stone ooooh oooh oooooh winter moved on

You’re breaking up my solitude
sparkling, shining, you look so cute
for sure a sight to behold
I’m falling straight into your eyes
I touched the ground I touched it twice
don’t let our story be untold don’t let it be untold