1. Over and Out

From the recording Over and Out

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Over and Out

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Their talk is cheap and their talk is for nothing
if I may say so they’re nails in our coffins
We’re standing close too close to the shoreline
we should be careful what we sign

No home for free no rest for the people
their god is watching us down from the steeple
sixty prophets are stoning one man
What the hell is going on what’s their plan

The show is over, over and out
the lights are dimmed we’re lost in the crowd
the show is over over and out again
they mowed the roses they lopped the trees
they’re mustering sinners out in the streets
the show is over over and out again

Run for King and run for madness
reasons enough to drown in sadness
a sordid preacher is adumbrating sunrise
they curtail our freedom slice by slice